1/10/2019|Industrial |Coatings
A bulletproof sales process includes the right tools to support it. Learn how employing the right solution can improve price calculations and information quality and win you more sales.
Author: Alain De Haes
The first step to reducing errors and working faster—no matter the industry or process—is to simplify as much as possible. When it comes to software, for example, presenting only the most necessary options makes the system more user friendly and easier to work with.
Author: Alain De Haes

Mass customization is now the norm for nearly everything that can be purchased these days and younger consumers expect color to be both very personal and available on demand. When it’s not, they quickly move on to the next option. Promoting and positioning the color or shade that will attract customers to your business remains the challenge.

Author: Steve Riccardi
5/30/2018|Industrial |INDUSTRIAL

Choosing a colorant for a job should be simple, right? You know the color palette you or your client desires, but do you know whether the color will last? Do you know if the job requires a specialized colorant, or will a universal colorant do? Find out what the differences are between the two, so you can make the best decision that balances both budget and longevity.

Author: Mike McCormick
The concept of color affecting mood is nothing new. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese practiced chromotherapy, using colors to heal various maladies. Today’s color theory, color psychology and color therapy are our modern equivalents. What is less well known or familiar is that the opposite is also true. Mood can affect our choice of colors, and not just on an individual level.
Author: Steve Riccardi
2/28/2018|Thermoset|Gel-coats, Thermoset
When it comes to color, most gel coat producers tint their gel coats in-plant, preferably with, limited colors made in large batches. However, color demand is increasing along with the need for short lead times, requiring gel coat producers to look for innovative solutions. The ideal solution would provide both speed and greater color flexibility while ensuring accurate production of colored gel coats.

Author: Ellen Beckers
When producing colorants for the coatings and thermosets industries, quality control and color matching are critical. As a result, working with a company that has its own software development team and an innovative family of programs can ensure that you not only receive a consistent product but also service that can save you time and money. 
Author: Tuomas Backman and Alain De Haes

Does it make sense to set up a point-of-sale (POS) tinting system in an industrial coatings plant? If the manufacturer only sells 10 colors in one or two bases, then probably not. If a company’s palette features 20 or more colors, and three or more bases are tinted, the answer is maybe, depending on the costs involved in setting up the system versus the benefits of moving to POS tinting.


Author: Michael McCormick
5/10/2017|Innovatint |

Big data can help forecast in which direction a market is moving,  give companies an edge over their competitors and even improve operational efficiency by harnessing large volumes of data that traditional business systems cannot handle. By incorporating big data, the paint and coatings industry can focus on current demands and get insight into possible market movements of where the industry is headed and what consumers want.

Author: Alain De Haes
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