Chemistry: Polyester; Vinyl Ester
Detailed Chemistry: Polyester; Vinyl Ester
Applications: SMC/BMC/TMC; Wet Molding; Cast/Solid Surface; Panel; Gel Coat; Pultrusion Filament Winding

Plasticolors® CF Series pigment dispersions for thermoset polyester applications contain organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in a monomer free, unsaturated polyester carrier resin. These dispersions demonstrate excellent compatibility with a variety of polyester and vinyl ester molding systems.

Plasticolors® CF dispersions are formulated to provide low viscosity while maintaining high pigment concentrations. These are suitable for pumping and metering in automated systems. Benefits include excellent color control as well as easy handling and faster blending.

Standard colors are available from the Chromaflo Technologies’ ColorPak brochure. Custom color matching is available with special consideration for pigment selection.

Pigments can be selected for a variety of requirements, including weathering, and UV stability, non-heavy metals, low abrasion and cost considerations.

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