Product Development Specialist - Coatings, Americas

Summary of Position:

This full-time position will provide developmental, technical support to our customer base by:
·         Designing, planning and executing project elements in the laboratory and plant, as well as in customers’ plants and laboratories, if needed, to meet customer requirements and expectations.
·         Being responsible for the completion of bench work and processing work necessary to convert opportunities or to resolve issues through formulation.

·         Directly interfacing with vendors and/or customers to define and convert opportunities and resolve issues, as assigned by the Technology Manager, Coatings Americas.

·         Providing effective and timely communication at every stage of a project.  This will include (but will not be limited to) progress reports, updates, and project milestones reached or missed.

·         BS/BA in an appropriate field of science (Chemist or Chem. Eng. preferred).
·         Good interpersonal skills with ability to work with and support colleagues, analyze and solve problems, control resources and implement programs, and possess project management skills.
·       Knowledge of critical chemical functionalities for waterborne/solvent born architectural and industrial urethanes, epoxies, acrylics polyester chemistries with respect to coatings industries.
·       Nominal understanding of color science with experience in the area of dispersion, wetting, and additive activity.
·         Willingness and ability to continuously increase and maintain skills and knowledge in significant work areas.
·         Ability and willingness to work on multiple projects in an organized and structured manner.
·       Good oral communication skills – capable of providing presentations.
·         Good writing skills; able to write clear and concise reports.
·         Good understanding of Chromaflo Technologies’ products and customer processes.
·         Knowledge of process theory –– both Chromaflo Technologies’ and customer processes.
·         Ability and willingness to travel –– occasionally, on short notice.
Major Areas of Activity/Responsibility

·         Complies with safety rules and regulations, attends safety meetings and training, inspects work area for hazards/deficiencies and initiates action to correct them.  Also, reports injury/illness and/or environmental incidents.
·         Assure safe handling of products and electrical/mechanical devices in the field.

·         Travel –– provide on-site customer support as deemed necessary by the Technology Manager, Americas.

·         Application of problem solving techniques in response to customer concerns and opportunities.
·         Complete bench work required and defined by experimental design.
·         Active support of, and participation in, all appropriate BMS and H, S & E aspects.
·         Strong customer focus and attention to detail.
·         Participate in the planning process, including fiscal year tactical plan, budgetary expenses, project objectives, timeliness, and guidelines for the development of technologies to address market specific needs.
·         Establish safe chemical practices and procedures as it relates to the additives systems employed.
·         Communicate technology in terms of features and benefits as they support project objectives.  Prepare exhibits, specimens and presentation that illustrate key characteristics.
·         Issue periodic reports on progress and activities of assigned programs. Also, requisition supplies for the timely and efficient operation of projects.
·         Determine specification requirements for materials used in or result from research development.

Measures of Performance and Accountabilities:
·         Attendance at area safety meetings and safety training and completion of H,S, & E Area Checklist (as assigned)
·         Prevention of personal injury/illness
·         Completion of projects with accurate and timely reporting of project status.
·         Provide inter-departmental analysis of data.
·         Personal standards of performance
·         Maintaining a clean and organized work environment.

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