Bye Bye Colour Composer, Welcome Innovatint

Technology develops at an ever increasing pace. New features are introduced and software platforms are being updated constantly. To offer the best service in the market it is important to follow all changes.
Chromaflo has always developed its own tinting and lab software and will continue to do this. Our Colour Composer range started 20 years ago and has progressed over the years, starting with a DOS based program up to a full graphically designed program running on the Windows platforms. But all good things come to an end. The programming language used, including third party software from Microsoft and SAP, is not supported anymore and the available features are becoming out-of-date. So it is time to say goodbye. We have already stopped the support for the Colour Composer range, but as of 2018 there will also not be any new licenses available.
To anticipate the needs of the market we have started with the development of our new Innovatint package. Innovatint is built on the latest software platforms and techniques and is ready for the future. Since its launch 5 years ago we have made numerous updates and we are already on version 3. It has been a huge success in the market and serves customer across the globe. It incorporates the commonly used features, such as color matching and tinting, but also offers highly sophisticated tools that can help users with statistics reporting, machine service and integration, quality control and price propositions. It has grown to a big family of programs and features that can serve small to very big paint producers. It is ready for the future and will be developed for a longer period of time.
Innovatint comes in different versions for the Lab and Point of Sale software. You can decide what is important for the end-users and obtain the appropriate version. This can also be a mix of versions to avoid unnecessary costs. Our entry-level versions are priced attractively and offer more options than most other software packages in the market. The more advanced versions that offer online updating, color matching, and product and customer information have an even more competitive pricing structure. Combined with an optional maintenance package that ensures access to all future versions, you will not have to worry about out-of-date software ever again.
We do understand that switching software packages is not an easy task. Therefore we have a team of specialists that can assist you. We offer custom made trainings, database conversion assistance and characterization support. Enclosed you will find more information about our product range. To make sure your current software package will not become a bottleneck in your paint selling process we advise you to contact your Chromaflo sales representative now.

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