Chromaflo’s colorants for in-plant tinting systems offer a wide selection of pigments to meet a variety of applications. Offerings include:

COLORTREND® 870 – Low-VOC, APE-free and High Strength pigment dispersions for in-plant systems

COLORTREND® 877 - High-strength, water based, ethylene glycol-free pigment dispersions for in-plant systems

COLORTREND® 872 - High-strength, pourable color pastes recommended for in-plant tinting systems of emulsion and water-based coatings

Full range of colorants for in-plant systems are available in all the following product lines: COLORTREND® 871COLORTREND® 802, COLORTREND® 807, COLORTREND® 832, COLORTREND® 870, COLORTREND® 872, COLORTREND® 874, COLORTREND® 875, COLORTREND® 877, COLORTREND® 878, COLORTREND® 888, COLORTREND® 930, COLORTREND® 950, COLORTREND® 990, and the COLORTREND® Selection Concept.

Recently added architectural coatings product lines include: COLORTREND® 871COLORTREND® 878, Hydrasperse EU, Novapint D, Novapint D Solar Reflective, and Solvasperse AK.

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