Universal colorants

Point-of-Sale/POS Universal Colorants


Chromaflo Technologies serves the POS market by creating innovative solutions for universal colorants and color systems. Chromaflo’s technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide color solutions to meet the most complex requirements. Our comprehensive merchandising offering includes fandecks, color cards and a color visualizer.

Colortrend® colorants are used for the following color systems: Colortrend® Ambiance Plus, Boutique, Vivid Expressions, Internationale, Professional Contractor, Eurotrend and Façade. Our universal colorants are available in the following product lines: COLORTREND® 810, COLORTREND® 802, COLORTREND® 807, COLORTREND® 808, COLORTREND® 888, COLORTREND® 930COLORTREND® 950, and COLORTREND® 990.

Additionally we are a proactive leader in providing colorant solutions for Low VOC coatings applications.

Low-VOC Product lines include: COLORTREND® 807, COLORTREND® 808, COLORTREND® 810, COLORTREND® 870, COLORTREND® 874, and the COLORTREND® Selection Concept.

Low VOC Product Lines Include: COLORTREND® 802, and COLORTREND® 950.

Recently added low-VOC product lines include: Coltec B, Coltec C, Monicolor B, Monicolor C, and Novapint E.

Note: COLORTREND® 808 is a more environmentally friendly, pour-over, drop-in alternative (low-VOC) to COLORTREND® 888.

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