Colorants for Specialty Coatings


Chromaflo Technologies’ serves the Specialty Coatings market by creating innovative solutions for colorants and color systems available in the following product lines: CAL-TINT® 830 and COLORTREND® 835.

CAL-TINT® 830 Colorants offer these benefits: Universal, broad compatibility for water-based and solvent-based paints, on-the-job tinting, rigidly controlled, and disperse easily and completely in most trade sales paint bases. Find Out More.

COLORTREND® 835 colorants are patented, universal, machine dispensable pearlescent colorants for use in special effect finishes for both clear alkyd and water-based coatings. Dispensing at the point of sale allows for the most flexibility in color and effect. Moreover, it allows the retail store to offer an unlimited palette of pearlescent finishes with a small investment in inventory.

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