Chemistry: Universal
Detailed Chemistry: glycol-containing
Applications: Specialty- Architectural Coatings

CAL-TINT ® 830 universal colorants for paint tints are designed to have broad compatibility in trade sales, water-based and solvent-based paints. The colorant is packaged in 16 oz. squeeze bottles for on-the-job paint tinting. CAL-TINT ® 830 universal colorants are rigidly controlled and disperse easily and completely in most trade sales paint bases, with few, if any, adjustments in formulation. However, compatibility should be rechecked after any changes in paint base formulation, because this is a key to color fidelity.

The pigments used in CAL-TINT ® 830 universal colorants were selected to provide a wide range of hues, good durability, lightfastness and alkali resistance. However, the lightfastness, alkali resistance, and weathering properties of pigments (particularly organic reds and yellows) depend a great deal on the coatings, substrate and application conditions. For positive verification of lightfastness and durability, we recommend that the colorants be tested under accelerated or actual weathering conditions in the coating system and on the substrates where they will be employed.

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