Hydrasperse EU Low VOC Colorants for In-Plant Tinting

Chemistry: Waterborne
Detailed Chemistry: APE free and VOC free (<1 g/l)
Applications: In-Plant - Architectural Coatings; In-Plant Tinting

To meet strict environmental requirements, the Hydrasperse EU range offers Low VOC colorants designed for in-plant tinting. This paint tint range comes with 20 high concentrate, water-based colorants to cover a wide color space for decorative paint applications, including higher performance colorants to meet premium exterior requirements. Hydrasperse™ EU colorants have a Low VOC content of <1 gram/liter and an effective APE free surfactant system.
These Low VOC colorants feature high color strength and batch-to-batch consistency, providing a good base for reproducible and economical colors. The colorant range is designed to ensure a good price/performance balance with a number of economical tinting pastes.

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