Monicolor C VOC Free Universal Colorants

Chemistry: Universal
Detailed Chemistry: APE and Low VOC (<1 g/l)
Applications: Arts and Crafts; Hobby Paint; POS- Architectural Coatings; Wood Coatings

Eco-friendly and versatile, Monicolor C Low-VOC universal colorants are designed for a variety of decorative paint applications. They are suitable for latex paints, long oil alkyds, enamels and wood stains. The pigmentation used in Monicolor C colorants covers a wide color space and meets important requirements for light fastness, accuracy in pastels, opacity and cost-effectiveness. This colorant technology is also APE free.
These Low-VOC colorants feature higher quality red and yellow pigments that are weather resistant for exterior applications, as well as economical red and yellow colorants for interior use. It’s easy to upgrade from Monicolor A or B due to drop-in pigmentation.

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