Novapint E POS Color Paint Tinting for Decorative Paints

Chemistry: Waterborne
Detailed Chemistry: APE and VOC free (<1 g/l)
Applications: Arts and Crafts; Hobby Paint; POS- Architectural Coatings; Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS); Facade Paints

Novapint E POS color paint tinting system is the eco-friendly, all-rounder for water-based paints and the perfect fit for outdoor applications. The APE free, VOC free colorants are available in 14 inorganic pigments. They are compatible with point of sale (POS) tinting systems.
Specifically designed for facades, Novapint E also shows excellent results in decorative paints and industrial paints. This color paint tinting range offers a wide variety in the yellow-orange-red area. It also includes oxide black PBK33 for higher compatibility and stability.

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