Solvasperse AK Low VOC Colorants for In-Plant Tinting

Chemistry: Solventborne
Detailed Chemistry: Alkyd Technology, VOC <300 g/l
Applications: In-Plant - Architectural Coatings; In-Plant Tinting; Non-Aqueous Architectural Coatings

The Solvasperse AK range offers the only solvent based, low VOC colorants developed for in-plant tinting. It can be used in long and medium-oil, decorative alkyd paint solutions, for both interior and exterior applications. These colorants are formulated with alkyd resin and aromatic-free solvents. The low VOC content (< 300 g /l ) helps paint manufacturers meet strict  environmental requirements.
The 15, high concentrate colorants in this family have been tested in numerous alkyd paint products.  These low VOC colorants consistently demonstrate excellent compatibility with minimal effect on properties such as gloss and drying.

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