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For more than 40 years, Chromaflo has been the market leader for thermoset plastics in North America, supplying high quality colorant & tinting systems, technologies and other key products for thermoset applications.  Today we leverage that industry experience and innovation through 15 locations on 6 continents. 

Our regional sites provide tremendous benefits to our customers, giving them quick access to sales and customer service, manufacturing, and technical and analytical capabilities, as well as a full range of colorant products and technologies. 

Our global thermoset team maintains constant communication, solving problems and sharing insight into the trends, markets and regulations affecting your business to help you seize opportunities and grow.

Where Art Meets Technology
Novapint D
Chromaflo Technologies meets the challenges of tinting water-based facade paints and plasters.

Plasticolors® CF Series
Add efficiency to your process with Plasticolors® CF Series.

UCD® VXS Product Line
The UCD® VXS colorants have been designed for broad use in low-VOC, solvent-based coatings.

Innovatint Lab Manage&Match
Innovatint Lab Manage&Match offers all the comprehensive features of Innovatint Lab Manage software, but adds the possibility to perform characterization and color matching.

How Color Choices Echo the Economic Climate—and Why It Matters
The concept of color affecting mood is nothing new. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese practiced chromotherapy, using colors to heal various maladies. Today’s color theory, color psychology and color therapy are our modern equivalents. What is less well known or familiar is that the opposite is also true. Mood can affect our choice of colors, and not just on an individual level.
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Chromaflo Technologies’ Online Color Visualizer Tool Featured in Coatings World
In attempt to allow customers to visualize how a specific color will look on a certain surface, Chromaflo Technologies recently introduced its online Color Visualizer tool.
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