• Novapint DChromaflo Technologies meets the challenges of tinting water-based façade paints and plasters. | View Product Detail
  • Hydrasperse Seeking economical and accurate in-plant tinting solutions that provide a wide color variety for ready mix lines? Hydrasperse VOC free colorants for in-plant waterborne applications can help. | View Product Detail
  • Monicolor C Look no further for the highest colorant strength for universal architectural applications. | View Product Detail
  • Colortrend® 888 Universal machine colorants should be diverse. Colortrend® 888 is the world’s leader in custom color system colorants for water-based and solvent-based paints. | View Product Detail
  • Plasticolors® CF SeriesAdd efficiency to your process with Plasticolors® CF Series. Formulated to provide low viscosity while maintaining high pigment concentrations, these dispersions offer excellent color control and ease of handling. | View Product Detail
  • AccumagThe most consistently reactive magnesium oxide dispersions available. Accumag is designed to deliver a specific, controlled thickening response in your SMC/BMC/TMC system. | View Product Detail
  • Plasticolors® DL SeriesThermoset polyurethane applications love Plasticolors® DL Series. Dispersions are formulated to provide compatibility using carefully selected pigments which improve performance. | View Product Detail
  • UCD® VXS Product LineThe UCD® VXS colorants have been designed for broad use in low-VOC, solvent-based coatings. | View Product Detail
  • Temacolor T With Temacolor™ T technology, solvent and heat resistant pigments meet the high technical performance demands of your solvent-based industrial coatings. | View Product Detail
  • Chroma-Chem 895Low VOC and APE-free, Chroma-Chem 895 colorants are designed for use in water reducible and emulsion coatings. Use in volumetric dispensing equipment is improved by closing controlling rheological properties. | View Product Detail
  • Temacolor WSolutions for manufacturers tinting water borne industrial coatings have been historically limited, until now. | View Product Detail
  • Chroma-Chem 844 Designed specifically for high-performance non-aqueous, industrial maintenance coatings, Chroma-Chem 844 colorants are dispersed in a proprietary acrylic resin. | View Product Detail
  • Innovatint Tablet SoftwareWireless technology enables staff to guide customers around the store and advise about tinting trends while processing orders using a tablet. | FIND OUT MORE
  • LAB PersonalInnovatint Lab Personal features: Characterization of bases and colorants, advances color matching software, and color correction tools. | FIND OUT MORE

An Industry Leader In Chemical and Pigment Dispersion

Chromaflo Technologies is one of the largest independent global suppliers of chemical and pigment dispersions to the thermoset composites and architectural & industrial paint and coatings industries. Our diverse technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide color solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

Learn more about our wide range of products, services and industry leadership in colorants and pigment dispersions! Be sure to view the product and application selector within each market and chemistry.


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