Chroma-Chem 754 Color Packs for Epoxy Coatings

Chemistry: 100% Solids
Detailed Chemistry: Epoxy
Applications: Concrete Protection & Flooring; Industrial Maintenance Coatings; Adhesives & Sealants

CHROMA-CHEM® 754 color packs for epoxy coatings consist of a blend of various organic and inorganic pigments milled in a 100% solids epoxy. These color packs use an additive package and a small amount of diluent to provide excellent handling when used for in-plant or job-site tinting.

These color packs are designed as a single color package that can be mixed into a clear base to produce 24 colors that are typically found in the palette for concrete protective coatings applications.  Each color comes pre-blended to match various shades of gray as well as tan, blue, green, and red.  A Safety Yellow and Safety Red are also included in the color palette.

Primary applications include: concrete protective coatings, high build terrazzo flooring, industrial maintenance paints, and other high performance protective coatings.

The list of standard colors is included on the backside of the product sheet.

The CHROMA-CHEM® 754 color packs are available in two types of packaging:
  • 1 quart cans (packaged 6 quarts per box) – for job-site tinting.
  • 5-gallon pails – for in-plant tinting
  • 55 gallon drums can be provided as a made-to-order SKU for large jobs.

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