UCD Fandeck

Colorants under the UCD™ trade name feature an array of pure premium pigments and proprietary dispersing resins engineered for excellent compatibility with all types of industrial binder systems. The UCD™ Fandeck demonstrates some of the many colors that can be produced with UCD™ colorants. Once a customer has selected a color, s/he can produce it with any one of our colorant lines. For more information on how to obtain a UCD™ Fandeck please contact a Chromaflo Technologies representative.

UCD ™ Colorants Line Overview:
  • Q Line: High quailty pigments in an aqueous acrylic dispersion suitable for all types of waterborne coatings.
  • E Line: Waterborn colorants intended especially for Low-VOC finishes.
  • V Line: Solventborne counterpart of the Q line.
  • HS Line: Colorants developed specifically for use in solventborne
  • PS Line: Intended for 100% solids silicone and silicone-modified coatings. Can also be used in solvent based.
  • SF Line: Intended for 100% UV-curable, epoxy and polyester systems. Can also be used in solvent based.

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