Chemistry: Solventborne
Detailed Chemistry: Thermoplastic acrylic
Applications: Industrial Maintenance Coatings (POS); Concrete Protection & Flooring (POS); General Industrial Coatings (POS)

CHROMA-CHEM® 844 Colorants are designed specifically for use in high-performance, non-aqueous, industrial and maintenance coatings such as concrete coatings. The various pigments utilized in this colorant line are dispersed in a proprietary acrylic resin vehicle. This vehicle provides excellent wetting and dispersing properties superior to other acrylic resins available.

The solvents used are a variable blend of Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PMA) and Naphthol Spirits. They are non-red label and conform to Rule 66 and similar regulations. Each colorant contains a carefully selected and unique blend of vehicle, solvent, pigment and surfactants to yield acceptance in a wide range of non-aqueous coatings applications. The individual CHROMA-CHEM® 844 Colorant formulations are designed to minimize the surfactant and additive levels needed to achieve colorant acceptance in a variety of coatings systems.

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