Pigment Dispersions for Silicone-Based Coatings

Chemistry: 100% Solids
Detailed Chemistry: Polysiloxane
Applications: Industrial Maintenance Coatings

The UCD® PS line is a series of 100%-solids colorants for high-performance coatings. Each product in the line consists of a dry pigment mixed in a low-molecular-weight methoxy-functional silicone intermediate. PS colorants are designed to be reacted with other silicones, epoxies, polyesters, and hydroxyl-functional resins to produce copolymers with outstanding properties.

Silicone compounds typically provide excellent weatherability, chalk resistance, and heat resistance. Consequently, coatings containing a silicone intermediate that are colored by the PS colorants will tend to produce highly durable coatings. However, the coating system must be designed to cross-link the silicone intermediate in the PS colorants within the coatings film.

The use of the PS colorants in silicone intermediate containing coatings will reduce the amount of color float seen when universal solvent-based coatings are used. The resin in the PS colorants is similar to the resins used in the coatings and provide better color incorporation.

The PS line is formulated at maximum pigment loading for use in volumetric or gravimetric dispensing systems.

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