Chemistry: Waterborne
Detailed Chemistry: Amine-dispersed acrylic
Applications: Industrial Maintenance Coatings; Automotive Coatings; Concrete Protection & Flooring; OEM Coatings

UCD® Q colorants are employed in all types of water-based coating systems.

The products in this series offer a combination of high quality, efficiency, and compatibility with all types of coating binders. They are extremely well-suited for use in automotive, marine, industrial maintenance, retail sales, and high-performance coatings applications.

UCD® Q colorants also provide significant economic advantages. Because they are compatible with all major classes of water-based paint chemistries, they allow the coating manufacturer to reduce his or her supplies of colorants. Some manufacturers have been able to save as much as 80% in inventory and storage space requirements. Q colorant users have also been able to reduce production time and increase equipment utilization.

Q line colorants represent a good balance of high performance and cost-effectiveness in a wide range of applications. Other desirable attributes of Q colorants are as follows:
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels
  • Not Red Label
  • Low vehicle-to-pigment ratios for tinting or total pigmentation
  • Excellent shelf stability

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