UDC® SF Colorant Line for Reactive Industrial Coatings

Chemistry: 100% Solids
Detailed Chemistry: Unsaturated polyester
Applications: Industrial Maintenance Coatings; Concrete Protection & Flooring; Gel Coats; Solid Surface

UCD® SF (solvent-free) colorants provide a broad color spectrum in a colorless, unsaturated, low-molecular-weight polyester resin containing no solvents or reactive monomers. These products are formulated at maximum pigment loading to minimize the effects of the polyester vehicle on the coating film while maintaining a pourable colorant system.

The SF colorants were designed for cross-linkable coatings. The unsaturation allows for cross-linking through double bonds as occurs in peroxide-cured polyesters or MMA coatings. The acid end groups provide a reactive group to crosslink the polyester resin in amine-cured epoxy resins. In addition, the secondary hydroxyl groups provide a means to crosslink the resin with polyisocyanates. When crosslinked or covalently reacted, as in gel coats, the SF vehicle is fully converted to a portion of the vehicle solids.

Although the SF colorants are primarily used in curing formulations, the vehicle is also compatible with a variety of non-crosslinking resins, including vinyls, alkyds, nitrocellulose, acetates, and acrylic lacquers.

The plasticizing effect of the SF resin occurs at levels above 15% of total vehicle solids. Therefore, when considering total pigmentation with SF colorants, the formulator should evaluate the potential impact of SF resin properties on film integrity very carefully.

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