Temacolor EPM Industrial Epoxy Colorant for Floor Coatings

Chemistry: Carrier based
Detailed Chemistry: Epoxy based, Solvent (<1 g/l) and Aromatic free
Applications: Industrial Maintenance Coatings; Industrial Maintenance Coatings (POS); In-Plant Tinting; Non-Aqueous Industrial Coatings

Get on-demand color for epoxy floor coatings with the Temacolor EPM Industrial Epoxy Colorant. These solvent-free industrial colorants have a minimal effect on the physical properties of epoxy floor coatings because they are based on an epoxy resin. Temacolor EPM high performance pigments cover a wider color space.
Reduce costs on industrial colorants with this machine-dispensable epoxy colorant range that is optimized for gear pump dispensers. Create the desired quantity, just in time, with minimal color corrections and maximum repeatability

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