Temacolor S Low VOC Colorants for Industrial Coatings

Chemistry: Solventborne
Detailed Chemistry: Aromatic free, VOC <350 g/l
Applications: General Industrial Coatings; General Industrial Coatings (POS); Industrial Maintenance Coatings (POS); Industrial Maintenance Coatings (POS); In-Plant Tinting; OEM Coatings; Non-Aqueous Industrial Coatings

Temacolor S low VOC colorants offer an aromatic-free technology for modern solvent-based paint and coating solutions used in industrial applications. The eco-friendly colorants have a low VOC content of less than 350 g/l.

These industrial colorants have an extremely high pigment load, enabling the least amount of colorant to be added while ensuring better hiding. This reduces the effect on coating properties and reduces the cost of adding colorants.

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