Industry Leadership

Chromaflo Technologies has positioned itself as an industry leader by supplying superior pigment and chemical dispersions as well as custom color systems. At the core of our business, we strive to provide outstanding service and technology around the world.
  • UV Technology – Unprotected thermoset composites do not have good performance characteristics when exposed to UV radiation. Within months of outdoor exposure, chalking occurs, fiberglass becomes exposed and parts become visibly and structurally degraded. Chromaflo Technologies has invested years of research in UV technology to determine the mechanisms of failure and uncover possible solutions to prevent this degradation. This research has resulted in a leap forward in the UV protection of composites and the creation of UVSolutions® technology.  By partnering with our customers to optimize the specific polymer systems, we have added many years to the lives of their products.
  • IR Reflective Technology – A surface stays cool by having high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. High solar reflectance, in turn, lowers solar heat build while high thermal emittance enhances thermal radiative cooling. Chromaflo Technologies’ IR Reflective Technology works to maximize total solar reflectance with focus in the IR region, offering the benefit of superior solar reflectance for IR reflective paint and coatings formulations.  Our proven technology stems from a perfect blend of the proper pigment selection, optimized milling, and tight manufacturing practices.
  • Conductive Technology – Thermoset plastics by nature are inherently resistive and very effective electrical insulators.  Formulators are constantly challenged when attempting to achieve consistent profile conductivity because many ingredients such as fillers, low profile additives, and thickening agents interfere with the matrix conductivity.  Chromaflo's conductive synergist technology provides the following potential benefits to the thermoset compounder:
    • only a small amount of conductive material is required
    • high levels of conductivity can be achieved
    • low impact on the viscosity of the composite compound
    • low potential for intermittent failurs in conductivity
  • Thickener Technology  – Chromflo has provided high quality thickener dispersions to the thermoset plastics industry for over 40 years. The thickening of unsaturated thermoset polyester resins using alkaline metal oxides, such as magnesium oxide, has been a challenge when working with sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC) and thick molding compounds (TMC). Our State-of-the-art rheological instrumentation, analysis and advanced data interpretation help to bring the most advanced thickening technology to the market.

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