Research & Development

Chromaflo Technologies' continued focus on technology and product development has resulted in a wide-range of research and development services available to customers, including:
  • Color Science: As an industry-leader in color appearance science, We can assist you with your unique color requirements.
  • Analytical Capabilities: The Analytical Group at Chromaflo Technologies provides superior assistance to customers in problem solving, failure analysis, and product development. Analytical Support
  • UV Protection Technology: Chromaflo Technologies' UVSolutions® technology is a total system approach that provides superior UV stabilization of composite materials.
  • Conductive Technology: Chromaflo Technologies' conductive technology ranges from traditional carbon black to nanotechnology.
  • Thickener Technology: Chromaflo Technologies' Accumag® Thickeners AM Series is the next generation of magnesium oxide thickeners supported by an innovative breakthrough in quality control methodology, ensuring consistent performance using magnesium oxide dispersions.

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