Thermoset plastics by nature are inherently resistive and are very effective electrical insulators. Formulators are constantly challenged when attempting to achieve consistent profile conductivity because many ingredients such as fillers, low profiles, and thickening agents interfere with the matrix conductivity.

While a variety of materials are available to polyester compounders to achieve conductivity, conductive grade carbon blacks have continued to be the material of choice.

Over the past several years, Chromaflo Technologies has committed R&D resources to investigate the conductive matrix, to identify the challenges facing compounders, and to determine new methods for providing consistency regardless of the composite compound composition. The result: a Chromaflo Technologies conductive plastics synergist that utilizes nanotechnology.

The conductive synergist technology provides the following potential benefits to the thermoset compounder:


  • A small amount of conductive material is required
  • High levels of conductivity can be achieved
  • Low impact on the viscosity of the composite compound
  • Low potential for intermittent failures in conductivity

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