A surface stays cool by having high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. High solar reflectance, in turn, lowers solar heat gain while high thermal emittance enhances thermal radiative cooling.

The more solar energy an object absorbs, the greater the heat build-up. Conversely, the higher the solar reflectance, the cooler an object will stay.

Chromaflo Technologies’ colorants for IR reflective paint & coatings work to maximize total solar reflectance with focus in the IR region, offering the benefit of superior solar reflectance for IR reflective paint and coatings formulations. Our proven technology stems from a perfect blend of the proper pigment selection, optimized milling, and tight manufacturing cleanliness practices.

Chromaflo Technologies’ IR reflective colorants are made to meet our customers’ required total solar reflectance targets. Exterior applications which benefit from this technology include roof coatings, exterior building coatings, automotive interior and exterior, and any other application which can benefit from staying cool. Chromaflo Technologies’ 
colorants for IR reflective paint & coatings also protect substrates against excessive temperatures and UV radiation by reflecting visible light and limiting ultraviolet radiation.

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Novapint D Solar Reflective 

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