Thickener Technology

Chromaflo Technologies has provided high quality thickener technology to the thermoset plastics industry for over 40 years.

The thickening of unsaturated thermoset polyester resins using alkaline metal oxides, such as magnesium oxide, has been a challenge when working with sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC) and thick molding compounds (TMC). One way to achieve consistent and predictable thickening is by utilizing predispersed magnesium oxides.

Chromaflo Technologies developed Accumag® magnesium oxide thickeners, which offer a more consistent response than traditional thickeners. Chromaflo Technologies’ Accumag® thickeners are the next generation thickener technology supported by an innovative breakthrough in processing and quality control methodology. This process ensures predictable thickening performance of magnesium oxide dispersions. Accumag® is designed to assist compounders and molders seeking to optimize consistent thickening and controlled molding viscosity.

State-of-the-art instrumentation, analysis and advanced data interpretation help to bring the most advanced thickener technology to the market. Accumag® is dispersed in monomer-free unsaturated polyester resin.

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