UV Technology

UV Technology

Unprotected thermoset composites do not have good performance characteristics when exposed to UV radiation. Within months of outdoor exposure, chalking occurs, fiberglass becomes exposed and the appearance becomes visibly and structurally degraded.

While UV stabilizers have been used in the industry to slow this phenomenon, they sometimes add only marginal longevity to the life of the substrate.

Chromaflo Technologies has invested years of research in UV technology to determine the mechanisms of failure and uncover possible solutions to prevent this degradation. This research has resulted in a leap forward in the UV protection of composites.  By partnering with our customers to optimize the specific polymer systems, we have added many years to the lives of their products.

Chromaflo Technologies’ UVSolutions® technology has proven successful in a number of composite applications ranging from significant improvements in painted exterior composites to the ability to eliminate paint altogether. Commercial applications include light housing units, grill components, tactile transit components, and various pultrusion applications. For unpainted truck boxes, Chromflo Technologies also provides the UV stabilization technology in Ashland Specialty Chemical Company’s Ekadure® system, where 12 years of UV durability has been demonstrated through Xenon Arc weathering and natural weathering testing.

Please contact Chromaflo Technologies to discuss how we can solve your UV durability challenges.

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