Technical Services

Our Technical Service team lends support and service to customers to ensure the success of every program. Interaction between Chromaflo Technologies and the customer includes one or more of the following:

Problem Solving - Our technical experience and knowledge provides the capability to identify, define, and solve problems concerning pigment dispersions, chemical dispersions and additive technology. Customers routinely look to us for advice and technical pigment solutions.

Technical Direction - Whether it involves a new opportunity or an improvement of an existing application, our Technical Service team will work closely with you to understand your needs and offer alternatives in terms of product and formulation solutions. We are dedicated to finding the best pigment solutions to meet your needs.

Customer Support - Our Technical Service team is available to discuss the status of customer projects. Technical Service personnel are in constant contact with area sales managers and our laboratory to provide a robust interface between customers and our technology.

New Product Development - If you have an idea for a new product to make your company more competitive, please talk to one of our Technical Service Representatives. We can help define the new product and assist in project coordination.