Pigment Dispersions for Polyurethane


Chromaflo Technologies takes a leading role in the Polyurethane market by providing high quality pigment dispersions, customized for a large variety of applications and processes, including but not limited to: Foam, RIM, Cast Elastomer, and Pultrusion.

Chromaflo offers a large palette of standard colors. However, our custom color matching service is a fine art that has become our specialty.

Pigment dispersion offerings include: PLASTICOLORS® DG Ester PolyolPLASTICOLORS® DH Non-Phthalate PlasticizerPLASTICOLORS® DK Polypropylene GlycolPLASTICOLORS® DL UrethanePLASTICOLORS® DNP PlasticizerPLASTICOLORS® DOP PlasticizerPLASTICOLORS® DR UrethanePLASTICOLORS® PDR Ester PolyolPLASTICOLORS® PF Non-Phthalate PlasticizerPLASTICOLORS® RV Plasticizer, and PLASTICOLORS®/Concentrol® MR

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