Pigment Dispersions for Bulk Molding Compounds and Sheet Molding Compounds


Chromaflo Technologies has over 40 years of experience supplying high quality colorants to the Sheet Molding Compound and Bulk Molding Compound markets with the PLASTICOLORS® brand.

SMC/BMC compounders trust the PLASTICOLORS® brand for their color and additive requirements.

Product lines include:

Thickeners & Inhibitors:

  • PLASTICOLORS® Accumag® Dispersions are chemical thickener dispersions tightly controlled for consistent reactivity. Suitable for SMC/BMC applications.
  • PLASTICOLORS® Inhibitors offer a wide variety of inhibitor chemistries available in liquid and dry form.

Chromaflo offers a large palette of standard colors. However, our custom color matching service is a fine art that has become our specialty.

Read more about our sheet molding compound and bulk molding compound product lines by clicking the links above or exploring these additional product lines: PLASTICOLORS® AM PG, PLASTICOLORS® HC ConductivePLASTICOLORS® IN & DIN InhibitorsPLASTICOLORS® PS Low Dust Dry, or PLASTICOLORS® UVSolutions®.

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