Un Líder De La Industria En Dispersión De Químicos Y Pigmentos

Chromaflo Technologies es uno de los mayores proveedoress independientes a nivel mundial de dispersores de pigmentos y químicos para las industrias de pintura y recubrimientos arquitectónicos e industriales, así como para el mercado de compuestos termoestables. Nuestras diversas capacidades de fabricación técnica y personalizada ofrecen soluciones de color para satisfacer los requerimientos más complejos.
¡Obtenga más información sobre nuestra amplia gama de productos, servicios y liderazgo en dispersiones de colorantes y pigmentos! Además, busque los productos según su química y/o aplicación particular a través del selector de productos dentro de cada industria.
Where Art Meets Technology
Novapint D
Chromaflo Technologies meets the challenges of tinting water-based facade paints and plasters.

Plasticolors® CF Series
Add efficiency to your process with Plasticolors® CF Series.

UCD® VXS Product Line
The UCD® VXS colorants have been designed for broad use in low-VOC, solvent-based coatings.

Innovatint Lab Manage&Match
Innovatint Lab Manage&Match offers all the comprehensive features of Innovatint Lab Manage software, but adds the possibility to perform characterization and color matching.

Blended color packs
Concrete is used in many parts of a commercial building, from the interior walls and floors to the exterior sidewalks and patios. While all concrete coatings have stringent performance and durability requirements, commercial flooring, in particular, also uses colorants to create distinct, corporate-branded environments. Not only must floor coatings withstand heavy foot traffic, repel spills and stains, and, most important, be slip-resistant, they must also match the company’s exact color specifications. 
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Chromaflo Technologies Inaugurates New Manufacturing Facility in India
Ashtabula, Ohio, U.S.A. March 23, 2017 – Chromaflo Technologies Corp., is proud to announce the inauguration of Chromaflo India’s new manufacturing facility. As the largest independent global supplier of advanced colorants and chemical dispersions for the paint, coatings and thermoset plastics industries, Chromaflo is excited about this opportunity for expansion.
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